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South Shore Twilight & Night Dive

See the Reef Before and After the Sun Goes Down!

Quick Details

Two Tank Dive

Go Night Diving in Kauai!

This tour is for certified divers only, however, newly certified divers are welcome to join us! This thrilling Kauai twilight & night dive experience allows divers to observe Hawaii’s underwater world as it transitions from day to night!

Divers are likely to encounter parrot fish blowing a mucus bubble to put themselves to sleep and crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp and crab beginning to emerge after a long day’s rest.  Our Hawaiian octopus and eels become a bit more active and observe the turtles sleeping. Finally, on occasion divers experience a nocturnal phenomenon called bioluminescence.

Each Twilight/Night dive typically lasts approximately 45 min depending on air consumption with an average depth of 27-40 feet.