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Kauai Scuba Dive Packages

Packages for Both Beginner and Advanced Divers!

Quick Details

Beginner Diver Packages (6-10 Dives) Packages starting from
Advanced Diver Packages (6-10 Dives) Packages starting from

Kauai Down Under Dive Packages

Let our amazing crew share their passion for diving with you while on vacation! We have combined the most popular dives into more affordable dive packages than if you were to dive at full retail price. (Savings up to 18%!!!)

From newly certified divers to the most advanced, we have a dive package that will satisfy your ultimate diving needs! We have three-, four-, and five-dive tour combos for beginners and advanced divers alike.

We also have three-, four-, and five-boat dive tours for those who just want to dive from the boat (though you won’t want to miss our scooter dives from the shore where you can be your own James Bond underwater and have the opportunity to fly with dolphins!).

For Booking

Please select the first day you want your dive package to begin on to submit your request to our reservations team. You will pay in full at the time of request, and our reservations team will get directly to work to build your dive package based on the availability of our tours and your schedule. You will receive a detailed confirmation email for each tour you are booked on with meeting times, locations and other necessary information to help you prepare for each dive.