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Our Scuba Guides

Logan Kneeland – Dive Guide

Logan was born in Chanute, Kansas where he spent summers swimming, diving, lifeguarding and water skiing.  His passion for the water led him to try scuba diving in the mid 1980’s when he obtained his open water certification and completed his PADI Advanced Course.

His first career was in the electronic security industry in Northeast Oklahoma.  Hired as an installer, over the next 35 years he became the owner.  By growing that company with good customer services, it became attractive for acquisition and sold in 2018.  This allowed Logan to pursue his Instructor Development Course and Master Scuba Diver Training Programs at Utila Dive Centre.

His specialties are Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Equipment Specialist, Enriched Air Nitrox and Gas Blender.

When not diving or snorkeling, Logan looks forward to volunteering, joining civic organizations, and exploring all Kauai has to offer with his wife Carrie.

Logan Kneeland headshot

Katie Beadling – Dive Guide

Katie got certified as open water diver in Belize on Christmas day of 2013.  She grew up in Michigan, went to school in Illinois, and since then has been venturing further and further from the Midwest.

After working in conservation for three years in the mountains and deserts of the Southwest, she developed a desire to travel abroad where she rediscovered the ocean, which has been her favorite playground ever since.

In 2017, Katie found herself in Thailand where she worked as a divemaster for a year before becoming an instructor.  She now enjoys sharing her passion for diving with others and exploring the beautiful island of Kauai on the side.

Katie Beadling headshot

Josh Khan – Dive Guide

Josh got certified as an open water diver in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the underwater world. Growing up in Michigan, he loved to be outside hiking, snowboarding, or hanging out on the lake. Craving even more adventure, Josh moved to Oahu in 2014 where he continued his diving education, getting his advanced and rescue diver certifications.
After a few years on Oahu, Josh moved back to the mainland where he became an EMT before deciding to take the full dive into the professional scuba industry. He moved to the Florida keys where he attended Halls Diving Career Institute. He became an instructor for NAUI and TDI, and he later crossed over to be an instructor for PADI as well.
Although Josh learned a lot from his time and experience in Florida, Kauai has always been one of his favorite places in the world, and he is excited to call it his home.

Josh Khan headshot

Chris Carte – Dive Guide

Chris is originally from San Diego California, and had a love of the ocean instilled in him as a young child by his father, an oceanographer. Chris joined the Air Force after graduating from college and after separating from the service started traveling through Latin America, during which time he became a PADI scuba instructor.

He has logged dives in Kauai, Mexico, Honduras, California, Guam, Curacao, and Fiji and has a special place in his heart for the diversity of life found in tropical reefs. When not making bubbles underwater, he can be found relaxing on a beach, exploring new areas with his camera, or on a hike in search of beautiful views.

Chris Carte headshot

Briana Smith – Dive Guide

Originally from Southern California, Briana has made the migration to Kauai to join our team. As a wee one she would splash around the temperate beaches of SoCal and grew up making the sea apart of her life’s work.

As a passionate scuba diver, freediver, kayaker, underwater photographer, blogger and ocean goer, she’s pursued sharing her love for the sea by starting out as a local sea cave tour guide in La Jolla, California. Wanting to guide people in all other water sports she was passionate about, she obtained her Padi Divemaster certification in order to take people on scuba tours as well. After the last 3 years as a snorkel, kayak and scuba tour guide she now finds herself here in Kauai still pushing to get people deeper in the ocean as a PADI Scuba Instructor.

The ocean can be a scary place for some, but it has been a temple to respect and cherish. She wants to share this sanctuary and connect people to the ocean. In doing so one would hope like Jacque Yves Cousteau said that, “People will protect what they love.” So it is her passion to continue helping connect people with the ocean. That way they have the opportunity to ensure its future and enjoy its beauty.

Briana Smith headshot

Kate Kimball – Dive Guide

Kate comes to us from the California Bay Area. She first tried diving in 2005 on the Big Island of Hawaii. She found the underwater world truly amazing and decided to get her Open Water certification in Fiji in 2007.  She returned to the chilly waters of Northern California where she kept diving (now in a dry suit), and continued her dive education.

After graduating college in 2015, Kate began working as a dive instructor on St. John, in the Virgin Islands. After leaving the island, Kate travelled solo throughout Southeast Asia, having the opportunity to do some incredible diving in Thailand and Indonesia. Upon returning to California, Kate decided to try out having a “real world” job, but after a year and half she grew restless at her desk job and decided it was time to get back into diving.

She’s excited to call Kauai home now!When not playing in the ocean, Kate enjoys reading, hiking, exploring the island, and hanging out at the beach!

Kate Kimball headshot