Kauai Down Under Scuba Staff

Josh - Kauai Down Under Scuba Staff

Josh Helmin
Owner / MSDT

Josh has been a dive shop owner and operator on Kauai since 2003. His passion for diving and his dedication to his business have made Kauai Down Under a premier scuba company on the island. Josh earned his bachelors’ degree in Architecture, but his education in diving is what drove him.

Realizing that the cold Midwest was not the place he wanted to dive, Josh relocated to Kauai for the warm water and tropical climate. He has successfully built his business through his many years of devotion to safe diving practices and to his customers’ complete satisfaction. Josh is originally from Minnesota.

The owner, Josh, was super accommodating. With 22 years experience here on kauai, this is the group to take you diving!  – Jeff F.

Kevin - Kauai Down Under Scuba Staff

Kevin Abernathy
Director of Sales & Marketing / MSDT

Kevin joined our dive team after 15 years in the Wedding and Events Industry in his home state of Colorado. Realizing he had accomplished all he was meant to in that industry, and being just a little stressed he opted to completely change careers and become a Scuba Instructor.

Kevin brings with him a plethora of experience from his world travels to more than 40 countries, over understanding of how to have fun on a daily basis, positive and outgoing personality and most importantly his pride and joy Buddy, the golden retriever who is 10 going on 2 and full of energy.

Great experience!!! Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable and put me at ease right away when booking my dive at Koloa Landing.  Thanks for making this a true highlight of my Kauai Vacation!  – Kenneth B.

None of us had diving experience and level of interest varied from “very determined” to “just along for the ride”.  Our instructor Will was great; friendly, informative, and confident.  After a short didactic session we were in the water and all passed skills testing.  Hawaiian hospitality at its finest!  – Mark P.

Will Kelley
Operations Manager / MSDT

Will first tried diving when he was 14. After living in the mountains of Colorado until he was 23, he decided to get back in the water and moved to Mexico where he became a Divemaster. After earning his Instructor certification, Will taught courses in the lakes and hot springs around the Rocky Mountains, as well as in Utah and New Mexico.

He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying backpacking, camping, rafting and pretty much any activity that gets you into nature. He spent the last year traveling the world to 18 different countries, diving in both Thailand and Indonesia. Upon returning to the States, he completed his MSDT. His specialties include deep, navigation, night, wreck and boat diving.

He enjoys free diving as well. He relocated to Kauai to pursue a career in scuba diving and explore the beautiful island on the side.

Their gear is top notch. Very good dive masters. Great dive locations. Nen was my guide. She is fun, enthusiastic and easy going. All the things that make for a great dive. Frankly KDU is the only dive shop I would use on the island.

Sonene “Nen” Donnelly

Sonene is a 22 year old artist, teacher, and travel enthusiast with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Education. Growing up in the mountainous desert of Utah, she always envisioned a life next to the ocean.

She got her first PADI certification at age 18, so that she could explore the beauty of the world both above and below the sea. She has now been to 25 countries, and hopes to visit them all one day.

After spending over a year backpacking Asia with countless hours spent playing in the ocean, she decided to move into the dive industry professionally making Kauai her new home.

Jared Brewer

Jared was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a child, he had a fear of deep water, but grew to understand and appreciate the mystery of life it held within.  He became an open water diver at the age of 21, and instantly fell in love with diving.

He is passionate about volunteering, conservationism, animals, and especially teaching. He loves meeting other travelers from around the world, and learning about different cultures and ways of life.

As a certified Divemaster, he has recently had the amazing opportunity to explore the underwater oasis of Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives before deciding to come to the paradise of Kauai.

Went on my honeymoon and it was my husbands first dive. The divemaster, Jared, was easy to understand and very knowledgeable. He took his time explaining everything and got us in the water. My husband enjoyed himself immensely and it was a great refresher for me as well. I would highly recommend for new and experienced divers alike!

Logan Kneeland

Logan was born in Chanute, Kansas where he spent summers swimming, diving, lifeguarding and water skiing.  His passion for the water led him to try scuba diving in the mid 1980’s when he obtained his open water certification and completed his PADI Advanced Course.

His first career was in the electronic security industry in Northeast Oklahoma.  Hired as an installer, over the next 35 years he became the owner.  By growing that company with good customer services, it became attractive for acquisition and sold in 2018.  This allowed Logan to pursue his Instructor Development Course and Master Scuba Diver Training Programs at Utila Dive Centre.

His specialties are Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Equipment Specialist, Enriched Air Nitrox and Gas Blender.

When not diving or snorkeling, Logan looks forward to volunteering, joining civic organizations, and exploring all Kauai has to offer with his wife Carrie.

My 2 young adult sons & myself dove with Logan on May 24th in the afternoon. we did 2 tank dives and it was one of my best dives ever. the water conditions were not the best due to the swells but Logan made it seem really easy and calmed my nerves in the best possible way. i have never been this pampered in a dive .. he even set up our gears for us .. all we had to do was just enjoy the dive. Logan thanks for your such an amazing dive .. i wish we had more such dive masters.

Our instructor Katie did a fantastic job walking us through everything step by step. She was very personable and made us feel very comfortable and safe. With it being my first time diving i was a bit nervous, but she wasn’t very patient Andrew helped a lot without calming my nerves. The dive spot was great! Lots of fish and even some turtles. I had a great experience! Recommend to anyone! – Jessica R.

Katie Beadling

Katie got certified as open water diver in Belize on Christmas day of 2013.  She grew up in Michigan, went to school in Illinois, and since then has been venturing further and further from the Midwest.

After working in conservation for three years in the mountains and deserts of the Southwest, she developed a desire to travel abroad where she rediscovered the ocean, which has been her favorite playground ever since.

In 2017, Katie found herself in Thailand where she worked as a divemaster for a year before becoming an instructor.  She now enjoys sharing her passion for diving with others and exploring the beautiful island of Kauai on the side.

I’m a certified diver and I was on vacation in Kauai and this company and Kate were outstanding. They gave my boys a very thorough introduction to the most important things in SCUBA diving. I sat in on the class to make sure they didn’t miss anything so I could be confident that my boys would be safe. They didn’t miss anything and both boys were able to make two dives without any problems. They had a blast, and we dove on both sides of the small harbor and even saw a few large Galapagos sharks on the second dive. For some reason, we had an extra instructor following behind and he worked the flashlight while I got some great shots with my underwater camera. Kate did such a great job that both of my boys now want to get certified here in southern California so we can make deeper dives on subsequent visits to Hawaii. To say that this adventure exceeded my expectations would be an understatement.

Kate Kimball

Kate comes to us from the California Bay Area. She first tried diving in 2005 on the Big Island of Hawaii. She found the underwater world truly amazing and decided to get her Open Water certification in Fiji in 2007.  She returned to the chilly waters of Northern California where she kept diving (now in a dry suit), and continued her dive education.

After graduating college in 2015, Kate began working as a dive instructor on St. John, in the Virgin Islands. After leaving the island, Kate travelled solo throughout Southeast Asia, having the opportunity to do some incredible diving in Thailand and Indonesia. Upon returning to California, Kate decided to try out having a “real world” job, but after a year and half she grew restless at her desk job and decided it was time to get back into diving.

She’s excited to call Kauai home now!When not playing in the ocean, Kate enjoys reading, hiking, exploring the island, and hanging out at the beach